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Mako Networks

We are very proud of our strategic partnership with Tecvine.  Tecvine builds strong relationships with customers by becoming “trusted advisors” who couple a high level of technical expertise with a strong understanding of customer needs.  Tecvine has introduced Mako Networks technology to many new customers and consistently delivers high-quality engineering, great support, and first-class customer service.  We are confident that they will continue to be a successful partner.

Acadian Total Security

Tecvine has been a true partner in every sense of the word. They understand what their clients need and consistently provide innovative solutions that not just help to make their clients more efficient, but also sets their clients up for technology shifts in the future. Over the past years, Acadian Total Security has had the pleasure of working with Tecvine on a number of different projects of varying size and difficulty,  and each time we were able to exceed the client’s expectations.

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